Klaine Advent Day 1: “Timing”

This also has the honor of being the first fic I’ve ever posted, although not the first I’ve written, so I’m kind of excited about that!

My maiden aunt’s mind is — Blaine!”


"You can’t just kiss me in the middle of a song!"

"But it’s in the lyrics, Kurt!"

"So is me having a sister."

"Are you saying you don’t want to kiss me? I’m hurt."

"No, Blaine, of course I’m not saying that! I’m just saying that this song is all about the back-and-forth repartee and flirtation, which relies on perfect timing, and kissing me just throws it off! It’s not that I don’t want to kiss you, I always want to kiss you, it’s just that at this particular moment, I realize that I have to put aside my personal desires for the sake of the art."

"Uh, Kurt? You realize I was joking, right?"

"What? Oh, yes, of course!"

"Uh huh, suuuure.”

"Seriously, Blaine, we really should practice…"

"I thought we were."

"Oh my God, Blaine! Not that kind of practice!”

"Why not? We didn’t need to practice practice the first time we sang this song together…”

"We also weren’t planning on singing it in front of our friends and family, including, need I remind you, Rachel Berry, who’s probably prepared a three song set at least to perform at our Christmas party, so yes, we do need to practice practice this time.”


"Let’s try to sing it through perfectly just once, and then you can kiss me as much as you want. After the song is over.”

"Oh, believe me, I will."

"Just start the music, Blaine."

"All right, Kurt."

I really can’t stay…

But baby, it’s cold outside…