A fangirl’s encounter with rockstar!Klaine, from her point of view as posted on her tumblr. I’m going to write another version of this scene from the perspective of Kurt and Blaine, so expect that soon-ish. Unbeta’d, PG-13?


Under a cut because wow this got long.

So, um, yeah. I live in New York and my parents own a restaurant (I’m not going to say the name, but you can ask me off-anon if you really want to know idk you might?). Sometimes I do deliveries for them. I was doing my last delivery of the night earlier, listening to Penny Dreadful on the way there, of course. I mean seriously, this is me, I always listen to them. I ended up outside a pretty nice apartment building, but it wasn’t like suspiciously nice or anything, so I didn’t really think about it. Anyway, I waited outside for the customer to come out, and then he did.

And I almost fainted.


He was wearing some sweatpants and like a white henley, and his hair was super curly and messy and he definitely hadn’t shaved and it was kind of the most absurdly sexy I’ve ever seen him, which is PRETTY HARD TO DO.

I think he could see that I was practically catatonic because he was just like “uh, excuse me? Are you from [my parents restaurant]?” And I couldn’t talk so I just kind of held up the bag and smiled and nodded. And he reached for it but then I heard someone yelling something behind him, and I was just thinking “no, it can’t be, can it?”

And of course it was KURT HUMMEL HIMSELF and he was like “Seriously, B, you forgot your wallet” (HE CALLS HIM B I JUST CAN’T) and Blaine took it and he looked kind of embarrassed but he just thanked Kurt and smiled. Then there was this ~look between them, and I’m going to have to take a moment to pause the story and explain it.

You know how we always talk about when they’re giving each other hearteyes and when they’re having eyesex? Well, this look was basically hearteyesex. Like, they didn’t just look like they were giving each other flowers in their minds, and they also didn’t look like they were fucking each other’s brains out in their minds either. They basically looked like they were having sweet, passionate, lovemaking-type sex in their minds. 

That was when I really noticed that Kurt was also wearing sweatpants (I know, I’m shocked, too) and a Penny Dreadful hoodie that was zipped up but it really looked like he wasn’t wearing a shirt under it and his hair was also really messy (and yes, he was also absurdly sexy) and I kind of put it all together and was like oh, they definitely had sex earlier. Obviously I know they’re together, but seeing them like that made me realize exactly what that means, if that makes any sense. Like, they actually are a happy couple and so in love and we’re not just imagining it, and they probably do cute things for each other all the time and walk around holding hands and have amazing sex, and it’s all real and I’m so much happier for them now than I was before, and considering just how happy I was for them before…

Anyway, by that point they’d figured out that I was a fan and Kurt said something like “So I take it you know who we are?” and I nodded and introduced myself and told them that their music changed my life (they were so flattered by that, it was adorable) and I can’t remember exactly what else I said, it was kind of a blur.

Then I remembered that I was supposed to be giving them their dinner (and I’m so glad people can’t read minds, because I definitely thought about how this might have been the dinner break in a marathon sex session and then felt so creepy about it), so I did, and they gave me a huge tip and signed a napkin for me after they looked around to see if there was anything else they could use (those dorks omg).

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Blaine asked if I was going to their next concert in NYC and I said I was, so he told me that they would try to get me a backstage pass so that I could “get proper autographs” and pictures with them in “real clothes” on the condition that the pictures I took with them (yes, I did take pictures with them) would not be posted on the internet and that I wouldn’t give out their address. Of course I agreed and I nearly fainted again and they left and their hands were brushing together and they gave each other that hearteyesex look again and it was just the cutest. Then when they were gone, I flailed a little.

So in conclusion I met Kurt and Blaine and they were really nice and awesome and SO HOT and now I’m afraid I’ll wake up and realize it was all a dream.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t thrown myself on my bed and done kickyfeet yet, so I have to do that now.